Useing a cheap maglite to make a expensive IBS flashlight. useing a potinchometer (pot) heat sink,p7 led and 2 d batterys
<p>Made me look ... I have no idea what an &quot;infnet&quot; was!</p>
really bad idea. You have a really big risk of burning out everything if you run it too high too long. The driver and LED are made for a certain power, and the case for a certain heat capacity. Exceed any of those, and you and your flashlight are toast.
Interesting, simple project, but please use a spell-checker. Remember that not everyone who views your instructable will speak English, and if they have to look up words to translate, they won't be about to find &quot;useing&quot; (using), &quot;potinchometer&quot; (potentiometer), &quot;batterys&quot; (batteries) or &quot;infnet&quot;/&quot;infinet&quot; (infinite) in a dictionary.
First thing I think of is irritable bowel syndrome light. Its potentiometer too btw.

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