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This is how to make a refrigerator magnet from an old IC. I like it because a) it's geeky, b) it looks like a mutant centipede is crawling across the fridge and c) it is from an ancient Apple II card. Be sure to check out Aeshir's version of this.

Step 1: As always, collect your materials...

Picture of As always, collect your materials...
As alway, the first step is to collect the stuff you need. I hate it when I almost done with a project and discover that I forgot to track down some dinky 50 cent part. The list is pretty short on this project.

1. A suitable IC. I pulled mine off a card that says "Super Serial Card," and my dad, a former Apple technician, says that it was for connecting a printer to an Apple II. It's easier if they are in a socket so you don't have to desolder it.
2. A magnet. I used some old magnet strip that I had lying around. I would recommend finding something a bit stronger than that, simply because it will hold more. Make sure that you find a magnet that fits under your IC, or find an IC that fits over your magnet.
3. Glue. I used CA (superglue), use whatever you want. Superglue I know works, contact cement will almost definitely work, epoxy might work, Elmer's School Glue won't work.
4. A spacer (if necessary). You might need something to raise the magnet up. A bit of plastic, a popsicle stick, cardboard, whatever. You're creative, or you wouldn't be reading this. Figure it out.
5. A fridge. Why make a magnet if you don't have a refrigerator to stick it on?
That's one huge chip./

i did this with a 40 pin chip out of an old ps/2 keyboard that one hes using there is only a 24 pin. btw good job on the instructable it was quick, and easy just the way i like it
ReCreate6 years ago
That is perhaps the largest chip i have ever seen, Apple B card?
man its so hard to read this its not that you write bad is that i have to load the page in every step it takes like a minute to load a page and i have to keep doing in ;( i dont like thes pro things maybe il just go somewhere else
Ducky Boy8 years ago
Don't we all love them microchips. Stinks I can't make one, all of our old computers are "too precious to be destroyed." Its not like I use them. Well good luck in the contest, a robot shirt awaits us all. I am proud to be individualistic and used an altoids tin, check it out :P
Why don't you just make a trip down to your local Radio Shack? IC's are <$1.00 a lot of the time :D
yea but that would be a waste of a good ic. If your gonna do this might as well use a busted up one
It is just a dollar'
That's not the point, it's a good IC why use it for something like this. It is cool though.
I see that Chloride and you have a point, though just dig around in the couch a little or just go to a junkyard
phoebus8 years ago
wow, great idea
Now I have a use for broken ICs =)
Aeshir8 years ago
What do you mean it was in a socket? I had to rip all of mine out.
Oh, yeah, I have one of those in a infrared wall sensing wheel robot kit. Thanks. I wasn't sure what is was.
MixMasterM8 years ago
Today must be microchip magnet day!

Just FYI if interested: That chip would have come from the 4-inch line at NCR and was manufactured during week 50 of 1990.

See this for more NCR microchip magnet geekiness, except using a really strange package.
Aeshir8 years ago
I'll give you a positive rating, but make sure you give me one!
Aeshir8 years ago
AAAGH NOOOOOOO!!! I'm working on an instructable just like this now! FRACK!
CameronSS (author)  Aeshir8 years ago
Sorry ;-). I'll link to it if you want. Actually, I just noticed that one of the pictures in the entry instructions has an IC magnet. But it's not as cool as mine/yours.
Oh and you should add the fridgemagnet_challenge tag to your instructable.
CameronSS (author)  Aeshir8 years ago
Oops. Where is the "add keywords" button? I don't see one.
I think you have to unpublish it then republish with the tags. By the way, i've added a link to your instructable in my intro. Here's a link to mine.
If you link to mine, i'll link back to yours too. If there's two instructables on the same thing and a person only wants to vote for one, they might as well pick the best. Thanks. I don't understand the second part of your comment xD
canida8 years ago
Nice macros.
CameronSS (author)  canida8 years ago
Thanks. The camera's finicky.