Introduction: ICEPICK - V1.0

This is my first instructable as you can see is a robotic arm with 3 movements controlled by a PIC 16F84 and programmed in C, everything is made of MDF for strength and lighter weight, I am currently working on improvements in both speed and precision, Additional to this I am in process of construction of the grip (ICEPICK V2.0), any doubts or questions about this project do not hesitate to ask.

Greetings and thanks for your comments are welcomed




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    Good work, but... What is this contraption?

    Sometimes, some words are worth more than thirteen images.

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    Hi, thanks for your comment , I made a short description of the robot arm, thanks for the advice

    hey bro can i have a copy of your program in your robotic arm?. please reply thanks

    disculpa, me interesa este proyecto, y queria saber si me podrias ayudar a hacer uno asi, una guia, esque necesito un proyecto final y pues me gustaria mucho poder usar tu idea, gracias

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    Buenas noches,no hay problema , exactamente que necesitas ? ..

    ayuda en lo de la programacion del pic y en hacer el circuito, si tendras el diagrama o algo asi