Edited April 6th 2011. Alright. Been a couple of years since I wrote this instructable. So, I'm going to revise it using correct grammar and changing it abit so you can understand it more clearly then when I typed it out when I was 11/12 years old.
So anyways, I originally, had my father's laptop the overheated quite often when running games on my laptop. So I had to think cold, and thought of the hot/cold packs that contain the blue gel and thought of a way to somehow have the laptop intake be able to take the cold air from the packs to cool down the laptop.

OK......Just to let you know. Im I play lots of games on the Computer. And I have a laptop. But it keeps needed a cooler for a laptop fast. The store ones cost to much or I I thought...think cold.....think cold....and thought of this.

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Step 1: Stuff

Picture of Stuff
Edited April 6th 2011: Laptop. Hot/Cold gel packs, a large zip lock bag.

The stuff you need is: A laptop that has problems overheating, ice packs, and a large ziplock bag.

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Edited April 6th 2011: Place the Hot/Cold Bag(s) into the ziplock baggie and place them evenly and then seal the bag without trapping the air inside.

First put all the ice packs into the bag and space them out. And also make sure that there is no air trapped inside

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Edited April 6th 2011: Place the now completed cooling pack under your laptop. If it wobbles or moves around too much, have something like a book or box keep the laptop stable.

Take you new cooler and put it under your laptop. And if you notice its not stable. then put some to stedy it.
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RichI11 month ago

I'm still laughing at this. Step 1, step 2 Step 3. All these steps included as if to seem clever for having this figured out, when all of this could have been summarized into 6 simple words: Put icepack in bag under laptop.

TangMu7 years ago
Anyone else worried about the moisture this setup would attract? or would it be negligible O_O
dkfa (author)  TangMu7 years ago
The moisture will collect in the bag and not to the comp....or u could just put a piece of paper on top of the icy pak and then the laptop..... this works good for me on my bed cuz my bed is bouncy
EleriK dkfa5 years ago
I'm not sure if this would actually work but it makes sense in my head and I hope a smarter instructableser can say if it will or not, but why not use those silica gel packets. Or make your own thin one and put that between the fans and the laptop.

Of course when I did this I used a piece of absorbent paper-towel and that laptop worked fine for years.
I'm not sure the instructable as described would create too many problems with humidity. Since the icepacks are sealed in a ziplock bag, any moisture gathering on the outside of the bag was present in the room air as humidity anyway, and thus was already making its way into the computer. If anything, I would think that this method would lead to less humidity inside the laptop itself, as a good portion of that moisture would be condensing on the ziplock bag before entering the computer's air intakes.

Still, probably a good idea to keep a towel between the bag and computer, and regularly change it out when it starts to get damp. Water does tend to evaporate upwards.
dudenitx3 years ago
sorry,,,, sir,

but i had to mention this... it is quite a risky affair.... u cant just use it always ... it will lead to moisture or humidity intake within the lappy.... so ... just have to find other way,,,

well but a good approach.. u r just near... think of something relly awesome..
faizyuki4 years ago
hey you all stop showing off your computer spec to the kid he just only want to help people overcome the overheating problem this is not a place for showing off so be mature and stop acting like a punk!
rof! im juz kidding. really this made a thread of pcs = )
(removed by author or community request)
ohhhhhhh, you're so cooool!!!

Must be nice to have parents with nothing better to do with their money!!!!!!!!!!
wow you either have a part time job and have been saving for ever :) or your parents are rich :))
(removed by author or community request)
forgot to mention windows 7 ultimate 64 bit :P
lols. got my desktop computer when i was 13. custom made. intel core 2 quad 2.83 Ghz overclocked to 3.40 Ghz External 1Tb Internal 250 Gb Internal 200 Gb Internal 80 Gb 4 Gb DDR2 ram Ocz two 17" monitors NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 512 mb GDDR5 ram
lol intel is lame 3.3ghz for $1000 or AMD 3.0ghz for $200 u decide i have a custom made computer with parts i bought on and asus m4a79t (only way to go all others are trash) AMD (thats right) pheonom II 955 oc'd at 4.23ghz 2x XfX raedon 4870x2 2gb 8gb ocz ddr3 16000 Liquid Cooling DangerDen block with nzxt rez Feser one 360rad+ 140/with aerocool extreme turbine (80cfm) 2x westerndigital velosciraptor 300gb Razor mouse/keyboard Ultra x3 1600w Windows 7 64bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2x dell cheapo lcd's (dell is alienware and they both are scammers) so anyways dont waste money on alienware when u can get a million times the computing for a tenth the price if u build your self
how do you build laptops by yourself? is it like on a website and you check off the different prcessor, hard drive, etc or do you buy each part indiviually
So which one of your divorced parents bought you that?? Mum or Dad?

It's called WORKING for it...

Uhg, Alienware. Asus has a better Price/Performance ratio for laptops. Even then, you should just build a desktop that you can easily upgrade. Personally, I built a PC for $750, bought a netbook and then a 9 cell battery for it. The netbook may not be able to run the latest games, though I can play older games just fine as well as carry it around with me for up to nine hours before the 9 cell battery dies.
thank you alienware is the biggest ripoff since taxes and i agree with you fully on the asus its way better and the mtbf is way higher (mtbf= mean time between failures) with alienwares laptops having only 30000 hours and asus's newest netbooks have 1000000+hours mtbf
who cares?
well i have a 14.1 inch toshiba that has a 6 cell battery, an overclocked (3.0 ghz) intel core 2 duo, Vista Home Premium 64- bit, 4gb DDR2 800mhz ( soon to be upgraded to 8gb), a 330gb hard drive, the battery lasts for 3 hours on high performance settings, AND i'm getting an HP Pavilion Elite for my 13th birthday and it has an intel Core i7 965 EXTREME EDITION quadcore,3.33ghz, 12gb DDR3, a Bluray disc drive, a 23 inch HD monitor, 640 Gb hard drive (i dont believe in having a 1tb drive if you don't edit video alot), a Wifi-N card, Bluetooth, an ATI Radeon 4850 HD 1gb dedicated memory and i might upgrade to ATI CrossFire X cards. BEAT THAT bubble_gum_chewing_gum
btw the reason im not paying for at least part of my new desktop is because i ran out of money after buying a replacement ipod touch so don't call me spoiled
ok thats spoiled
Alienware? Shoot yourself.
Uggghh, you're so lucky I just got a dell Inspiron 1100.. which is pretty old, but I'm "pimping" it out haha and 2TBs? I didn't know you could get that size for a laptop.. I need to update my knowledge:p
everythings great except the screen size. if your gonna do gaming, wouldnt you want a big screen? and how much did that cost?
benjgvps7 years ago
Wow, a 12 year old with a laptop. Kinda spoiled if I say so for myself. If I want a computer I have to buy it myself. Thats why I have a PowerBook 150 and an eTower 533i (Spent more than $150 total in upgrades for this thing). I just hate it when I hear about someone much younger than me getting better stuff for free from their parents and not taking full advantage of it.
im 14 i have a laptop i think its a very common thing now... i asked my dad for my macbook pro and he said it was educational so why not, hey i mean u can learn so much from the internet just look at instructables!!!
Wow, your dad's a moron!!!!!!!! Mac Book Pro, educational? How about status symbol and bragging rights at school. It used to be kids only bragged about the clothes mommy and daddy could afford. Now, it's the tech they can afford. And to think, these are our future leaders!!!!!!
some people wish for fresh clean water everyday. be happy with what u have got.
EleriK gmjhowe5 years ago
on the other hand there's nothing exceptionally horrible about some kids parents buying them something nice. especially since in this case computers are much, much more a part of life for kids growing up now than they were even 4 or 5 years ago.

On topic, it'd be a good idea to get something like a cardboard box and make a wedge shaped box out of it, make a few risers to keep the laptop up, and put two case fans in the wedge, one at the back pulling air into the box and over the icepacks, and a second under the laptop blowing the cold air at it.
Wow, I didn't mean to start a flame war here. I was just stating that most kids that are 12 don't usually have a laptop computer and that I'm older than him and I don't own a decent one (I still love my PowerBook 150 though!). Sorry if it caused any trouble.
i got a decent hp laptop when i was nine but it pretty much stayed in one place and it was used by my entire family because our dell desktop was getting outdated (it was from 1999), we eventually threw out the dell.
nah its ok mate! wait till ur 18, get a decent job, and got ur self summit decent. u will respect it more, and maybe even love it, enuff not to put it so close to water and condinsation.
exactly, kids these days... don't know a hard days work. I'm 15 and will work 2 jobs this summer. I have 1 beast laptop, 1 beast desktop, and a crap desktop. And I've payed every cent of it.
i worked for a loooong time, made $500, and a year after that, when i lost my ipod, i bought a replacement with my own money. My advice to you is to sell the crap desktop so you can buy upgrades for the other desktop
chia i make 500 bucks in two weeks now
cotton benjgvps5 years ago
wow rude much, i payed half for my netbook and ur calling him spoiled because he got a laptop. so he got a laptop shouldent he take full advantage of it before it fails i am. i do everything on this netbook wuts next im spoiled?
dkfa (author)  benjgvps7 years ago
Its my dads old not spoiled
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