Introduction: IJDMTOY Flush Mount LED Pod Lights for Trucks SUV Install

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Looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd and looking for something different? This iJDMTOY Flush Mount LED Pod Lights for your Truck, SUV, Jeep, and Off-Road Vehicle is perfect for you. Not only does it look good but once installed, you will stand out from the rest.

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First step, get painters tape and tape where you are going to install these LED pod lights on your vehicle. Take a permanent marker and mark precisely where you want your new LED pod lights to be. Use the diagram provided to get the exact dimensions.

Step 2:

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Now, take your angle grinder and cut out the lines for your new LED pod lights.

Step 3:

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Drill the holes into the bumper where you will be securing your LED pod lights.

Step 4:

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Directly install the LED pod lights into the hole you just cut out and then screw the LED pod lights into place. Tap the wire. Tap the wires accordingly on how you would like them to function.

Step 5:

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As you can see, Installation was straight forward and simple. The hardest part is cutting off your bumper but so worth it to stand out with this iJDMTOY LED Truck Light. Amazing results and you will be different from the rest.


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