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The Ford Mustang has been an iconic American sports car ever since its inception and represents the American dream. The Mustang has undergone several generation changes, with each generation receiving performance and stylistic upgrades to suit the car enthusiasts. One feature that is missing from this 2015-up generation is a working rear fog light and while the rear fog light is not a requirement in the United States market, it's still a great feature to have on the vehicle.

Owners can install a Ford Mustang LED rear fog light with taillight, brake light, and reverse light function. This will enable the rear fog light area to have multiple functions and be both unique and safe on the road.

Step 1:

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Remove the stock reverse light bulb and take out the stock reverse lamp assembly.

Step 2:

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There are two screws under the bumper that need to be removed.

Once you remove the screws you will have just enough hand space in the bumper location to remove the stock reverse lamp assembly.

There are also two screws at the top of the assembly that are harder to access. Just be patient when you're removing them.

Step 3:

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Now directly install the new LED rear fog light for Ford Mustang.

Step 4:

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Time to move on to the wiring portion in the trunk area.

There's 4 knobs located on the trunk edges that need to be twisted off.

Step 5:

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Now remove the trunk liner. You will expose the firewall hole with a seal where you'll be routing the wires through.

Step 6:

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Time to wire up your new LED rear fog light for Ford Mustang.

The assembly has four wires, but you'll only need to draw up three wires through the firewall hole: black, red, yellow. The white wire will be left below.

Tap the WHITE WIRE to existing reverse light green wire for reverse light function.

Tap the BLACK wire to metal ground.

Tap the RED WIRE to the driver's side taillight blue wire w/ purple strip for taillight function.

Tap the YELLOW WIRE to OEM 3rd brake light.

The YELLOW WIRE is very important! The yellow wire/brake light function is quite complication because of the mechanics on the Mustang. The Mustang has a unique design of the original taillight because it functions as taillight, brake light, and turn signal light. If you tap the yellow wire to the driver's side, it will result in the LED rear fog light blinking when the driver's side turn signal is on. In order to prevent this, we must route the yellow wire up to the OEM 3rd brake light near the roof of the car.

Step 7:

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Remove the trunk liner to begin routing the yellow wire. There are a few clips that hold onto the trunk liner that need to be removed as well.

Step 8:

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Remove the backseat panel, pillar panel, and roof panel. You'll need to route the yellow wire in through those locations up to the 3rd brake light.

Step 9:

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After you open the panels, you can see the existing 3rd brake light's yellow wire. Draw the LED rear fog light's yellow wire up behind the panels and tap it to the OEM 3rd brake light.

Afterwards, just close all the panels, put the trunk liner and all the components back.

Step 10:

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Test to make sure the functions work. Enjoy your new Ford Mustang LED rear fog light!


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