Introduction: Install IJDMTOY LED Light Bar on 2002-2008 Chevy Silverado

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Looking for a clean way to install your iJDMTOY Chevy Silverado LED Light Bar on your first generation Chevy Silverado? Look no further because with these few steps you can be on your way to rocking your new LED light bar in no time. You’ll have a super clean set-up with the hidden LED’s and guaranteed to look amazing.

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First place the brackets on the LED light bars just like this. You have 2 options where to screw it in. The first hole is to have the LED’s poke out more and the second hole is to have the LED’s sit back. For this instruction guide we placed it in the first hole.

Step 2:

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Open up the hood and remove this plastic cover held by a few clips.

Step 3:

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Once you removed the plastic cover, look for this screw and begin to remove it on both sides. Make sure you remove the two outer screws. You can see this screw when looking through the grills opening.

Step 4:

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Get the LED Light bar and make sure everything is on tightly. Using the screw that we removed insert the bracket in there just like this. Tighten everything down and make sure that the LED light bar is facing forward correctly.

Step 5:

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You can see that the iJDMTOY LED Light Bar for Chevy Silverado looks like it’s curving but in reality, it looks this way because of how the bumper is designed. For a detailed wiring guide you can click here. As you can see installing this was very simple and you’ll be out showing off your new LED light bar in no time.


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