First: excuse and forget my future mistakes.I write with the help of a traslator of google, so my mistakes are it's mistakes. :-)

Well I need a silent wall clock, so my choise fell on VIKIS from IKEA, but Vikis isn't a wall clock is for a table!
My brain starts to work and vikis start to run around on my hands.

I start with cutting the rear part , look the design...

Step 1: After First Cut

After first cut you must refine the clock with sand paper, and remove the metallic plate from the other piece you have obtained.

Step 2: Second Cutting

Well, on the plastic plate we must execute other two cut and one ligth cut, you can get the dimension of cuts from the clock.
The part you must push is the front piece, that remain down the bottom of display.

Step 3:

Now you need a bicomponent epossidic glue, I used the gray type.
With help of paper tape you mask the edges to avoid dirty and put it in the angle ( see picture)

Step 4:

We almost finished...
Cut from the piece number 3 ( see step 2 and 3 ) the side parts and attacks with glue.

Step 5: We Are Finished !

With a biadhesive you can place where you like your new wall ikea clock !
Have a nice day

.... sorry I forget that if you press on the right side on the clock you illuminate it's display !!!

Patrizio from Roma  Italia


apatrik (author)2016-02-28

Thanks for your reply!

My wall clock is on the wall yet, after six years it is on the side of my shower and it is very useful see the time when you are preparing to go to work :-)

dvdrider (author)2015-09-16

Good for you!!!

IKEA products are something I almost want to buy...

You made me to drop the "almost"