Picture of IKEA HACK - Camera gear drawer
Hello everybody! Until a few weeks ago I used to store my camera gear in a corner of my room, keeping it inside the camera bag, but I wasn't so happy with that. One day I was bored and I visited Ikea's website. I bumped into ODDA, this pretty chest of drawers (photo). It now sits in my room, and What interested me the most was the big drawer at the bottom. This drawer is 25 centimetres high (10 inches more or less), so I thought it could be divided by its height, in order to use all that space better!
Pictures 2 and 3 show what I came up with: camera gear and bags tidied up and out of sight!

Notice that this instructable can be applied to whatever drawer you have at home, as long as it's tall enough!

You can start by gathering materials and tools.

A drawer (duh!)
A wooden box (I used one that used to contain some wine bottles, because it was just the right dimension)
Some insulating foam
double sided tape
4 metal brackets
some screws

screw driver
cutter or knife
vice and pliers (to bend the brackets)
a grinder to trim the brackets
notingkool3 years ago
cool, it's very professional. I want to make one but in a flight case (not for travel, just beacouse i have one).
I have to make divisors and level to put everything there (tripond and stands at bottom and camera and bateries at the top).
ade angelis (author)  notingkool3 years ago
Hello, Notingkool, I'm glad if my tutorial inspired you that idea!!! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your work when you realize it! Thanks for your comment and have fun!!! :D
actually, i don't take pictures. I film bmx and that kind of videos. i had a non professional camera, and now i want to buy a new one, that film in fullHD, probably a SONY.
My sister's boyfriend borrow me the camera for now. he has a skate video producer. I just trying t learn from him.