IKEA HACK: Suction Cup Window Planters





Introduction: IKEA HACK: Suction Cup Window Planters

We have tons of awesome floor to ceiling windows at our workshop, and we have had to get creative with how we store things. Things are getting anchored to the walls and I-Beams, but its hard to put a screw in 1-inch plate glass.

I decided to to put in a little garden that could always have light, and would be easy to water. This may be the shortest Instructable I have ever written - 2 steps!

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Hang It and Plant It!

I learned the hard way that you really need to let the suction cups set-up for about a day. I got really over-zealous and put all my plants in right away, naturally my suction cups fell off the window.

With a bit more patience - and after a day and half - I re-hung my garden, and it looks great!

I want to try it with multiple rows - maybe even with herbs!

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I <3 this idea I think I will be trying this going to IKEA this weekend

I was looking to make a PVC style planter system for herbs but this is just too perfect and cost effective! Thank you for this!

Curious, what do you estimate the weight limit for this setup to be? Three to four plants per rung?

I had 4 plants on a rung, with a medium amount of soil, and just using a little bit of water.


It's now April and this was posted in October. I'm curious to know if this is still hanging or if it has fallen down.

It was up until March! Then we moved.

neat idea, its a "gototry" isn't it? now where's my local IKEA shop or maybe something that resembles that stuff - I'll be on the lookout for it now - knowing me that's my windows so full I won't need curtains anymore! lol! Thanks for the post!

Nice project but AWESOME view!

Very cute! How have you been dealing with watering? I'd be worried about water draining out the holes in the bottom of the cups. Maybe a plastic liner or seal the holes first?