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Introduction: IKEA HACK: Couch Caddy

Never lose the remote again! This couch caddy wrangles your remote, magazines, and other couch goodies in vertical storage hanging from the arm of your couch - It can even hold a few cold ones!

Made with an inexpensive and abundantly available IKEA palm leaf place mat and slippers, you can make your own in under 10 minutes.

Want your own couch caddy? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

IKEA NJUTA slippers - $1.99

IKEA TOGA palm leaf place mat - $1.99

Embroidery thread + needle

Step 2: Align Slippers, Then Sew

These place mats are made from palm leaf ribs, laced together, allowing it to be rolled up like a newspaper. We'll use this flexibility to drape over the couch arm, and the friction from the surface area between mat and couch will hold it in place.

I aligned 3 slippers along the edge of the palm leaf mat with the heals completely on the mat and the remainder positioned off the mat. Using thick embroidery thread the heels were sewn onto the mats, lacing the thread between the palm leaf ribs.

Step 3: Finish Sewing

After sewing on a slipper tie off your thread with a few thick knots to ensure the stitches won't unwind. Tie your finishing knots on the underside of the bamboo place mat so they'll be hidden. Since the slippers were threaded between the ribs you may be able to slightly slide the slippers into final position if they moved when sewing.

Step 4: Tuck Mat Into Couch

Drape the bamboo mat over the arm of your couch or chair. Depending on the style of your sofa you might be able to tuck the end of the bamboo mat in between the couch cushion and the arm adding a secure anchor. Otherwise, there should be enough friction from the mat to hold itself on the arm without tucking it into the cushion.

Fabric couches will offer more friction between the underside of the mat and the couch. Synthetic or leather couches might not work so well.

Step 5: Fill Your Slippers

You're all set for a relaxing evening on the couch. Fill your slippers with whatever you might need to keep close at hand: beverage, remote, a few d20 for when your D&D; friends roll by, pencils for the next Yahtzee game. There's no end to what you can keep in your couch caddy.

Have you made your own couch caddy? I want to see it!

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    Clever, very cool idea.

    Wonderful idea! Suggested up grade. Instead of sewing the slippers to the mat, Velcro. That way the slippers can be washed because of the inevitable spill. Just a thought.

    I was thinking glue (because the rubber sole might be hard to get needles through) but I think jmwells has a good idea. I'd just put the loop side on the slippers so the hooks don't catch on anything if you throw them in the washer.

    Oh... and if you used 3 pair you could make one for each end of the sofa and use all left on one side and all right on the other. (I'm just so symetrical!)

    Second thought, points maker for a guy. When she says her feet are cold, put the slippers on her feet

    Now that's what I call DIY Ikea furniture hack!
    Ave IKEA!