Picture of IKEA Hack: TORE Coffee Table Edition
This Instructable shows how to transform an IKEA TORE file cabinet base into a slate top coffee table. The total cost of this project was $16, though I had some materials on hand.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Materials required to build this table

1) The TORD file cabinet base: This isn't really a table -- it's the base for a file cabinet. I scored one in my local IKEA's as-is room for $9.99.

2) Slate (or some other stone of your choosing): Slate is available from your local big box home store for about $1.00 USD per 12" square tile. I used six of these tiles.

3) Plywood: Underneath the slate is a piece of plywood roughly 21" x 27" x 5/8". For this table the smallest "handy panel" size will do. I suggest you use the lowest grade plywood you can find. MDF might work in a pinch, but the weight of the stone top may cause MDF to sag over time.

Tools required to build this table

1) A circular saw, table saw, jig saw, or any other saw capable of cutting plywood. As we'll see in Step 3, you may not need this.

2) A tile saw, jigsaw (with carbide grit blade), circular saw (with diamond blade), hacksaw, or any other saw capable of cutting stone. As we'll see in step 4, this may not be required.

3) A chisel, file, or Dremel. This is needed to make small notches in the plywood backer in Step 3.
MONALISA6 years ago
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As a varient, it would look awesome if you had the plywoodwood covered by glass or perspex/plexiglass, and a varying display of objects (cloth, paper, whatever) sandwiched in between. It could be quite sexy :D
spinach_dip8 years ago
I also searched and did not find the table in the online catalog. This looks really cool, but could you give us a stock number or something?
jason (author)  spinach_dip8 years ago
I'm going to call my local IKEA and find out what's up with the TORD. I'll get back to you.
jason (author)  jason8 years ago
There are some updates to this Instructable. See Step 6 for details.
MONALISA jason8 years ago
Thanks there Jason for the updates.......Please feel free

to give the latest updates....LOL

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Nice hack,the instructions informed and gave me a good laugh. Thanks for both.
foobear8 years ago
really gorgeous! I can't find any pictures of the TORD online (or through Ikea's crappy search). Myself, I might do it with wood, cutting stone is so scary!
Cutting tile doesn't have to be hard...look on Home Depot's website for the Workforce Tile Saw. Its a wet saw and there's a little cleanup to do (it tends to spray water) but otherwise its a good, cheap(er) alternative than other saws.
Sometimes, the Home Depot and such will cut the tiles for you... first cuts free, zillions of cuts for a nominal charge. handy if you aren't planning on working on slate a whole lot.
jason (author)  Dark_Helmet8 years ago
This was the first time I'd ever used a wet tile saw, and it wasn't too difficult. The problem with the cheaper saws is that the guide fence requires some fiddling to set up accurately, but if you take your time doing the setup work the actual cutting is a breeze. If you must buy one you can find tile saws at Harbor Freight for as low as $40.
ansleybleu8 years ago
Very nice! I would like this in a dining room size.
wombat78 years ago
looks good, go A-team