IKEA Hack - Bargain Corner Coffee Table for £2.50





Introduction: IKEA Hack - Bargain Corner Coffee Table for £2.50

Eh I was in bargain corner a little while ago and saw some cupboard doors, with that cool shiny black lacquer on them that made me want them ever so much, for no reason...

I also picked up a set of legs for shelves and such, might have been Leksvick

Total Cost was �2.50, �1 for the cupboard door and �1.50 for the legs, I had notions immediately about making some kind of coffee table, apart from being unfeasibly low and almost completely invisible in a dark room it's great...

Honestly, this is a two step 'ible, more showing an example of mixing and matching the parts in bargain corner to make new stuff...

Step 1: Desperately Simple...

Take the legs out, you'll need a knife/drill/small flathead to make little holes to start the screws, a starhead screwdriver and maybe some [https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_make_coffee/coffee...]

Make holes near the corners and screw the baseplates on to the door, the supplied screws look like they're on the long side but they're actually just right...

Step 2: Screw on the Legs

Told you it was simple, screw on the legs and you're done...

The little plastic bits that go on before the legs only need to be threaded down enough for the metal leg to start screwing on and then just turn the leg, so you don't waste time...

Now find a place for that slightly impractical table...



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    what if you got some pvc pipe or something that you could snugly put the legs in, then put a screw in the side to keep it in place?

    That's really nice looking. I'm pretty sure I would get verrrry mad if I ran into it in a dark room though :P Heck, I have a hard enough time not running into the walls with a nightlight plugged in an outlet in the hallway.

    Yeah, it's painful... I was pleased with the way it looks but it's not very practical...

    I bet. Yeah... It's kinda short, isn't it?

    Wait, so I'm not sure how you got the legs to stick. You screwed on the baseplates... but you didn't say how you got the legs to stick.

    The baseplates have threaded shafts coming out of them and the legs simply screw on to them, sorry it's more obvious when you have them in front of you I guess...

    Gotta agree with fwjs, the shiny black makes it rock.

    Cheers, Nova... I'm just going to have to call you NVRS or some such... Until I get used to it...

    Hey well, if I'd picked a cool name from the start I'd have been good.

    sweetness, can beat cheap yet good furniture...i do like the shiny black laquer too...