Picture of IKEA Hack Mail Rack
With just a shelf and a few IKEA magazine holders, it's easy to make a handy storage station for mail and all sorts of important things. Position this right by the door, and never again will you wonder where your keys or phone wandered off to.
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Step 1: Materials

You will need: optional: sandpaper, wood stain

Step 2: If staining, stain!

Picture of If staining, stain!
If you don't want to go for the natural wood look, grab that sand paper and prep your wood.  The magazine holders are make from pretty cheap materials, so I don't recommend sanding them, except between stains, of course. 

Once the wood is all smooth, you're good to stain.

Step 3: Install Shelf

Picture of Install Shelf
If you have a pre-made shelf, measure your space, and install accordingly.

If you're working with your own plank of wood, as I did, knock around your space looking for studs. After measuring, leveling, and coordinating the marks on the wall and the shelf, first install the brackets onto the shelf. Then screw into the wall. 

Indeed really clever!

Incredibly clever idea. Good job! I'll share and pin this one!

carrie6403 years ago
LESS is MORE. I wouldn't add anything. Too clutter-like.
Clever girl!
bethmwl3 years ago
So cool idea
I love simple projects like this that serve a good function. I've done a lot of woodworking and never thought of something like this. Nice to have my keys and mail all in one location.

If you don't want to see those L-Brackets to show you can use hidden shelf hardware. Like this http://www.wall-shelf.cn/500/shelf-install-2.jpg it's a little more work but looks a lot cleaner. Also for applying stain use a cheese cloth for a smooth finish. You can get that at any hardware store where the paint/stain is. I've used brushes, rags and foam brushes. I've stuck with cheese cloth.
Verniemack3 years ago
Add a shelf UNDER the mag racks as well for more storage, add hooks underneath. TOTALLY awesome, very creative, very customizeable. Great Job!!!
Brilliant upgrade ideas!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Now, there's a solution I'll be using. Thank you!
also see:
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raiderdk3 years ago
Very good idea to put right by the exit door.

Can I suggest an add-on?

I think gap between magazine holders are so empty

For people living in a cold/rainy area a pair of hangers between magazine holders maybe will be usefull to hang on umbrellas,scarfs caps, hats or another small clothes to keep warm.

kazmataz (author)  raiderdk3 years ago
A fantastic idea! I just recently got some, and will add them today between the magazine holders. Thanks!
Clever Ikea hack!
bertus52x113 years ago
You've got my vote! Very nice.
ChapDad3 years ago
Looks like a very simple solution to incoming and outgoing mail, keys, &c.. Good work.