Step 3: The Center of the IKEA Hack-a-Lack

You end up with 2 parts that have a piece of wood at the end and 3 parts that are completely hollow at both ends. One of the parts with a piece of wood has a hole for the screw. This will be the middle part of your IKEA Hack-a-Lack. Put the screw in with a wrench, and make sure it is straight. In this image the screw is not yet fully screwed in!
<p>on my gosh there's so few comments on here.</p><p>I wish I had this in my toolbox at least 3+ times, and i have also told 5+ people about it. at least it's in my favorites now.</p>
<p>I'm am peculiar if this IKEA hack was durable in the long term?</p>
for wot is it good for...
Apparently, screwing on more Lack legs.
Nice. We had to assemble a bunch of IKEA furniture at my office one time. This would have come in handy.
While this is clever, I would recommend cutting a 2x4 to the size of the table leg instead.
&nbsp;If one doesn't happen to have a spare 2x4, buying an extra LACK end table is nearly the same price as a piece of lumber these days. &nbsp;Plus you've got the extra parts in case of any mishaps.&nbsp;
Hm, well, a 2x4 around here still costs under $2.25...<br />
heck a short 2X2 is cheaper then that in fact cruise a remodeled house / building site get it free. I do not mean steal it, they got tons of scraps all going into dumpsters. <br><br>
To be honest I only used the leg because it is more fun as an ible. Although this way it is totally accurate.<br />
We did a tablescape using the hack-a-lack. It still is the ultimate tool to put these things together. I wonder if a 2 by 4 is the exact size of a lack table leg so just getting an extra table is probably better and it gives you 4 hack a lacks and the table top is available to serve as the bottom part of a lack rack.
Hmmm. <br />
OK, I know this will probaly sound really stupid, but WTF is IKEA???????
a store www.ikea.com
I like the first picture - "Lack and Decker" :-P
We have the tables and will soon start to put them together. I'll upload a film of it.
Reminds me of this..
It is!
You know, I think this is an actual page out of the employee handbook.
i doubt that
Whyyyyyy you gotta be like that?
In any case it should be.
There we go. A sense of humor! yayyyyyyy
I'm serious ; )
lol nice
Clever. Now how about a machine to assemble those @#$%<sup>&amp; bookcases.</sup><br/>
You should design one.
Me to. I'll put one on Flickr as soon as I have one.
1000 tables?!? I'd love to see a picture of that, too!
Yes I love that one!

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