IKEA Hackers: GOSIG RATTA Handbag (pattern included)

Picture of IKEA Hackers: GOSIG RATTA Handbag (pattern included)
For the opera "Hänsel und Gretel" (by Engelbert Humperdinck) the costume designer wanted to have Gretel a handbag in the shape of an IKEA rat, so I made one...

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Step 1: Taking apart and taking notes

Picture of Taking apart and taking notes
As in so many other hacks, taking apart carefully is crucial for this piece of work. As well as taking notes and numbering the parts, so you can assemble them at the end in the reverse order.

Step 2: Pattern and Cutting

Picture of Pattern and Cutting
To create a pattern in the needed size I placed all the parts on a scanner, and scanned them in. Then I used the scans to create a vector file. I basically opened the imagefile with inkscape and traced the parts as vector shapes. Then I printed it out on A4 (scale 1:1) and enlarged it on the copier to A3 (144%).
Finally I transferred the shapes onto the fabric of my choice and cut the parts out.

Step 3: Sewing: The Head

Picture of Sewing: The Head
Important tips, when sewing furry fabric: tuck as much of the fur as possible into the seem (this conseals the seem when turned) and use lots of needles (I placed one almost every 5 mm)
Sew the darts on the upper part first, then connect to the lower part. Don't forget to add the teeth!
Then sew the ears, turn them to the right side and add them to the head.

Step 4: Sewing: Feet and Tail

Picture of Sewing: Feet and Tail
Nothing special here: Sew, turn, stuff!
momoluv2 years ago
That looks REALLY hard
uersel (author)  momoluv2 years ago
Actually it isn't. It took me about one and a half workday to complete. If you have basic sewing skills you should be able to do it!
So go ahead and give it a try!
Zoo992 years ago
Yes, I would like to commission a rat purse please. :-)
uersel (author)  Zoo992 years ago
I'm very sorry, but I don't sell, but I uploaded the patterns... ;-)
Love it!