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"IKEA Hacks" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 12 different projects that modify IKEA furniture for new uses. Make hanging lanterns, modify a tool box and even construct your own raincoat. All projects come from Instructables.com, are written by our creative community, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily make these yourself.

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Laura Khalil
Editor, Instructables.com
IKEA Hack style
The nice thing about IKEA furniture is that it is cheap and easy to hack. In other words, lets say that you were to buy two cheap $30 Gorm shelving units and assembled them to discover that one was cr...
Hanging Lantern Ikea Hack style
I was at Ikea a few days ago looking for a lamp to fit my bedroom motif.  I couldn’t find anything I liked but I did find some cool candle lanterns and I knew they would make a great project.  Continu...
A simple but time consuming way to pimp up the IKEA " Aneboda " series for what ever room you please. In my case i´ve used them for storing my clothes in the bedroom. Instead of buying new furnitures,...
IKEA Tool Box Hack style
How to hack an IKEA FIRA mini chest into a nice looking tool box for the office.
IKEA Hack TV Stand style
This is a fairly simple tv stand hack that will create an architectural piece to compliment your large flat screen tv. All you need is 2 Lack TV Stands, 4 Elkby shelves and some double-stick tape.
GORM Ikea coffee table style
After seeing randofo's GORM bench / bookshelf project I thought a coffee table would be quite possible and look pretty good with a few slight modifications. I had recently assembled a GORM bookshelf s...
IKEA Varde Wall Cabinet Hack style
Ikea Varde wall cabinets are 27.5 inches wide. Most wall studs are 16 inches apart. Some, like our one wall are 24 inches apart, which is actually just right for the Varde wall cabinet hardware. We...
IKEA Hack-a-Lack style
The IKEA Hack-a-Lack is a screwing-device for those who need to assemble a large number of IKEA Lack coffeetables. It saves time, energy and painful wrists. It's very easy to make and the best part is...
IKEA Hack - Planting Shelves style
For months I have been looking for a matching shelf and spice rack combination for my kitchen. I had a very precise list of things I wanted…   The spice rack had to be a series of small shelve...
Make an Ikea Raincoat style
Use four ikea bags, you will be able to make your own ikea raincoat! Some things to keep in mind -Face like sides together, with the inside of the jacket on the outside. This will keep your seams on...
Bar Table and Desk - Using IKEA Table Tops (VIKA AMON) style
I recently purchased two table tops from IKEA, the VIKA AMON series, in high gloss white. I decided that I was going to make the bases for them using pine that I purchased from Home Depot. The majorit...
DIY Lightbox build with Ikea Lack table. style
I have  wanted a lightbox for years, I live in a small flat and don't have the space to store a large lightbox. I decided to build a photo/tracing lightbox into my Ikea coffee table. I picked up all o...