Picture of IKEA LACK Coffee Table
I had a couple LACK floating shelves and needed a small coffee table. Here's what I did.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

The parts are minimal:

  • Two LACK shelves
  • four 1" bolts with nuts
  • four 1" wood screws
  • Two Grundtal legs. I used 8".


Power Drill
Ruler/tape measure
wrench, socket set, or other means of putting nuts on screws
franklin5 years ago
Quick and efficient. Good job  :)

This was great! I built this over the weekend. No problems. I did make a change with regard to the legs, though. I used IKEA Molger legs (usually on bathroom cabinets) because I wanted a wooden leg instead of a metal one:


I'll post pics if anyone wants to see them.
tdelporto (author)  midknightcommander5 years ago
Glad it worked - neat idea regarding the wooden legs.