I found out recently that LEGO released a line of Minifigs that came in sealed mystery bags. I saw the series that was out at the time and found them pretty cool, considering I had not touched a LEGO toy in ages. So I bought one.

At ~$3 a pack, you gotta think what's the harm right? Well, what started out as a harmless purchase, has now snowballed into a small addiction. I now have over 50 Minifigs, and nowhere to put them. They were just lying around all over the place and I thought they needed a home before I started loosing some of them or their accessories. So I decided to get a case for them. 

I looked around online and in many stores but none of the existing cases fit my criteria, specifically, easy to build, compact, durable, and easily expandable. Since I couldn't find one in the stores that matched my needs, I decided to make my own. After some thought, this is what I came up with.

If you collect LEGO Minifigs and have nowhere to put them, maybe this solution can work for you too.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Here's the materials and tools you'll need to make the case. For the materials, you can mix and match any color/background combination that you want. I kept it simple and went with red & black.

- 1 x IKEA Ribba (deep frame) (20.5" x 20.5" x 1.75") 
- 1 x Foam board (they usually are 20" x 30" x 3/16")
- 1 x Background (must fit 19.75" x 19.75")
- 49 x Lego base plates (to place the figs on)

- Hot glue gun
- Utility Knife
- 24" ruler
- X-ACTO Knife

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