This one is for IKEA Hackers with big families who love coming around for birthdays, weddings, funerals & reunions.  It could also function as a setting for an Instructables Restaurant.

Step 1: Ingredients

This is what you need:

- An evening prior to the event, and enough space to play around and store the stuff.
- 50 Lack tables from IKEA at 4,99 each. The 4,99 ones are the simplest and the most versatile (but you could get a bit more adventurous). They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Mixing the colors creates an extra festive effect (but you might wanna go for black if it's for a funeral).

- Gaffer Tape (the handyman's tool).

- Some cool friends or relatives who like to make stuff. If they're not into that, promise beer and pizza.

- If you promise beer and pizza, put beer and pizza on the ingredients list.

That's all.

<p>The flat pack furniture ocean?<br>:D</p>
<p>You've done quite a lot of flat pack assembly there!</p>
I can't help but notice but are you pants ripped in Step 4? :D
lmao, i just noticed that too. i think they are?
Well you know it's true, it could be a lame thing IF the tables are used in a lame way. as always it's in the details. I think it's up to whoever uses this to decide for themselves what they do. Lack is the new Lego. You can do so much, and unlike LEGO it hasn't become more and more detailed, and therefor less and less challenging! But you have to be a bit creative with it, agreed.
This is awesome! Featured and rated -- great art, and great exercise :-)<br /> <br /> Those Lack tables are <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tick" rel="nofollow">nigh invulnerable</a>. My wife has one (in the long-discontinued purple) that she got when she was an undergraduate. It has been with us throughat least a dozen moves, including going to Canada and back, and is still completely solid.<br /> <br /> If you've got 'em, save them, use them, pass them on to your grandchildren ...<br />
Hrm. Need to disagree on this one. We bought a stack for our youth group, and the legs didn't hold up too well. Then again, 200 youth playing on/with them are a little different to a family. :P Interesting instructable- i thought you were going to make them into bigger tables or something!
Yeah, I can believe that. Two adults (even over 15+ years) probably put a lot less stress on any furtuniture than 200 kids in a few months ;-&gt;
We will turn them into bigger units. Higher units. Hacked units. All sorts of units.
Really? So your instructable is basically to buy a bunch of Ikea tables, and play with them? LAME!
Can you point us to one of your less lame instructables?
Rated and Faved! Good work Arne!
we're doing another restaurant next week!
Awesome! What're you serving this time? There a theme?
Nice little table!

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