IKEA Work Space Improvement Project





Introduction: IKEA Work Space Improvement Project

My workspace could easily be improved with the addition of:

Article number: 50116965 to organize my files and schematics

Article number: S49862766 for the computer, printer, and scanner

Article number: 80071319 (Expedit) to house my immense library of resources

Markus swivel chair for comfortable setting whether at the computer or the work bench

The Grundtal lamp to illuminate my work.

This would make my space more organized, concise and make for a more stable work environment for my projects.



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    I guess in a way, this is kind of a popularity contest. I don't have a "lot" of friends, just a few really GREAT ones. But that doesn't win contests :-)

    We have an area in our basement that we are using as my room, but it had no walls, so we stacked 4x4 and 2x4 expidits to make big walls, then we used big whiteboard shawer sheets to back them so I had privacy, and then we added a door, it works very well, those are really neat units.

    I remember the "room" my Dad built for me when I still lived at home decades ago: 2x4's some plyboard, and a slightly raised floor, and since he didn't know how to hang a door, an "accordion" style closet door (flexible plastic kind). Like a sturdy shower curtain really.

    It wasn't exactly "private" for sure :-)

    Time to tidy up......gotta get started on my NEXT project !

    Wait - your chair is a pile of bricks with a pillow on top? You get my vote for that alone.

    Oh no, not bricks, those are 2 x 4's LOL (not much softer though), with a pillow on top. All of that is on top of my unused (for the moment) treadmill.

    The worktable is a piece of plywood over two old computers......386's I think....

    I wonder if you could turn those 2x4s INTO a chair. Some screws here, some glue there...

    Quite possibly, but then the "table" needs to be raised a bit (unless I keep the legs of the chair really short :-) I just didn't have the time when I felt overly claustiphobic in my original workspace....I just "moved into the next room.