Nerf Pipe Bomb





Introduction: Nerf Pipe Bomb

This instructable will show you how to make a nerf "pipe" bomb that is twice as powerful as a conventional party popper gun. It is VERY simple to make and will cost you less than $5. Heres how:

Step 1: Materials

You will need 

-Party popper

-Extra party popper spring

-Duct tape of any color

-Toilet paper roll


-7 Nerf Darts- Streamlines or Elites

Finger strength (haha, but trust me you'll need it).

Step 2: Disassemble Party Popper

Disassemble the party popper to get at the spring assembly. Carfully take off the top part. Add the second spring.

Step 3: Prime and Reinsert

Put the top bac on and prime the spring. Reinsert into the main tube.

Step 4: Add Darts

Add the seven darts.

Step 5: Add Tape

Wrap in duct tape. Make it look good!

Step 6: Cap

Take the tp roll and cut it so it is about 1.5 cm longer than the portruding part of the darts. Cover in duct tape. Cover one opening.

Step 7: You're Done!!!

Remove the cap and twist the bottom to fire. To reload, repeat steps 2-4. Enjoy!!!



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    it is pretty cool but needs a vidio tuterial

    Ok, well thanks.

    This was made a while back, so now I am unable to make a video.