Step 2: Now for the mouth!

Lets draw the mouth.

1. Draw a simple triangle shaped mouth using the line tool.

2. Now, using the selection tool, bend your lines to your desired shape.

3. Add extra lines for the tongue and shading.

4. Color it in!

5. Remove the lines..

6. ..And put it on your original head! There, you have a good looking mouth for your smiley.

Step 3: Eyes!

Use the same technique described in the mouth step to draw the eyes.

There! Now you can export to your desired image format and share it with your friends!


For info on how to make an animated one, check out this flash tutorial that I made.
amakerguy5 years ago
what does the canvas size need to be
Eric95 (author)  amakerguy5 years ago
Sorry for the late reply, any size works.
ok thanks.
Big Nasty 5 years ago
is it emoticons -(i-moh-ti-kons) or emoticions?
emoticons=emotional icons
Nicely done! I might try making an Instructables Robot one if possible.
Everything is possible in flash.
like these
N8MAN sig 1.jpgbomb pose 2.jpg
looks a bit like awesome face from the museum of tolerance if you ask me.