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Step 1: Cutter

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Step 8: Ventilation

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Step 10: Air Filter

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Step 11: Degreaser

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Step 15: Paper for Cleaning

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Step 17: Cleaning Tools



zzz_Derek_zzz (author)2013-01-07

I have versions both of these tools in my machine shop. The upper grinder pictured is a Carbide Tool Post Grinder. On the one shown here, you should throw those green grinding wheels away and get some diamond impregnated wheels. 1 for roughing and 1 for finishing. When set up like that, it’s very useful for sharpening carbide lathe tooling around the machine shop. Although the one shown here may be a cheap Chinese knock off. (It doesn’t have reverse ) Therefore it’s total waste of money. Buy a Baldor Tool Post grinder if you want quality.

The lower picture above, is a Chop Saw and is used for chopping off steel and hardened rod.

ToyMaker (author)2012-05-04

OK, I imagined having some or all of these in my shop. What should I do with them? This site is "instructables" after all.
When you post an "instructable" there should be instructions on how to do something or, at least, the steps you used to do or make something.

zzz_Derek_zzz (author)ToyMaker2013-01-07

I have both of these in my shop. The upper picture is a carbide tool bit grindr. Very useful for sharping machinist lathe tools

Dr Qui (author)ToyMaker2012-05-05

Where are the Instrutables you have posted, I checked your profile thinking that you would have some Ibles on toy making, yet sadly you have not posted any.

Why don't we all shout at the guy who don't speak English because hes an easy target to troll on.

Perhaps if you actually posted any Ibles you would find that recently the new system used is all to easy to accidentally wipe out the text from your instructable so you have to type it all in again as close to you can remember what was there before, its a pain in the ass when it happens and your native language is English, I can imagine it may be somewhat more frustrating for those how have to use translators.

pfred2 (author)2012-05-03

So, you have a few grinders do you? I do too. Now you have to accessorize. What I like about my garage compared to your shop is I don't have any signs up telling me what I can, and can't do. If I want to take one of my grinders and chuck it on my anvil then beat it with a sledgehammer it's my business! Sometimes when I work on tools I can see an improvement. You didn't think the grinders in that one picture were all I had did you? heh <-- Who says diamonds are only a girl's best friend? I like mine wet though.

That is enough for now. Rest assured I've more where those came from.

rimar2000 (author)pfred22012-05-03

Fred, you are the "grinder's magnate"!

pfred2 (author)rimar20002012-05-03

I need a magnet to stick my latest one to the wall. I don't know where I am going to put it!

pfred2 (author)rimar20002012-05-04

The thought has crossed my mind. I have also considered making a big ferris wheel type of thing for my grinders. So I can spin it to the one I want to use. I only ever use one at a time. Everything just seems too crazy to me though. Right now the new grinder is still sitting on my work bench with some other junk. I like to keep that workbench cleared off so I can work on it. I do not like trying to work on some little corner of a workbench. But that is where I am at right now.

mr.mountaineer (author)pfred22012-05-03

how many grinders do you have anyway? Ive got seven myself but I'm sure you've got me beat.

pfred2 (author)mr.mountaineer2012-05-03

I don't know. I have one just for sharpening tungstens. I keep some stored because I don't have the room to put them out. I just got my last one for $5 I mean how could I pass it up?

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