Intro- Hand held rotating pick or plectrum designed to make a stringed instrument sound like a violin or banjo.Portable device.
         This modified devise can be made in about 20 hours from small motors and a LED flashlight using a variable resistor for speed control.
Ref; Instructable"Pseudo Violin with auto-pick" by Mistic  Feb.22,2012 which is not a portable device but has additional details for construction.
The new device uses a standard 3 cell LED flashlite as a power source and a hand held motor and pick that can be used on any stringed instrument. In this DIY  we used a Mistic invented Harpsichord-Lyre  which was not made into an Instructable yet.


Refer to Picture and numbers of completed unit. Fig .1- of 2.

1- Pick .can be any size but used 1 in. made of old credit-card plastic.Bent tip with fingers.
2-Pick mount- wood dowel with slot ends.1/4 dia. x 3 in. lg. Hack saw the slots 1/4 in. deep.
3-Tube. Plastic ,hard.Holds item 2 loosely. 2 in. lg. Used tube from an old pen.
4-Screw-Height adjustrer from top of instrument. 6-32 machine screw.x1 in. lg.Self tap into wood frame item 5.
5-Frame, base. wood swizzle sticks  and two wood blocks .4x.4x.5 in.Glue to item 3 and  Item 6 ,motor sides.
6-Motor- DC.from old dvd-vcr recorder. Draws 40Milliamps at 4.5 vdc of 3 AAA batteries in flashlite Item 11.[ 1 in, Dia.]
7-End sleeve - Plastic tube slipped over motor- guards connector Item 8. Note- can also use a plastic tape as item 15.
8-Connector- from  the dvd player. to disconnect the cable Item 14.
9-Plastic cover. bend to fit over sides and glued in place on item 5.
Fig 2- Battery supply
10-On-off button. built into the end of the flashlite.
11-Mini-flashlite low cost . with an easy remove LED and slide out 3AAA cell holder. LED is not used here.
12-Negative ground connection.Drilled hole in case used to make attachment.Solder lug  on 6-32 screw.
13--End cap- with a 6-32 screw in end.and and a plus terminal solder lug.  use  6-32 nut.
14-Cable . can be any twin wire cable. Flexible  enough to attach to a belt and about 3 feet long.
15-End wrap. can be plastic
16-Speed control . 500 ohm pot{Radio Shack}.About 3/8 in. dia. and LED indicator lite and 1000 Ohm 1/8W resistor.
TOOLS-Pliers, screwdriver, Hack-saw,40W solder iron and Lowmelt solder (RS).E-6000 glue.Drill-press or hand drill.0.105drill size.

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