Introduction: INCREDIBLE ! How to Cut a Bottle With a Shoelace! TUTORIAL

Step 1: To Cut a Bottle With a Shoelace You Need!

How to cut a bottle in two with a shoe-lace!?
We have discovered how to cut a bottle with the thread, but how is it possible to handle the sharp glass edges?

Step 2: You May Use an Emery Paper or a Stone for the Knife Sharpening.

The last procedure should be handling of the bottle edges, immersed into the water beforehand.

Step 3: The Handling Process Goes Faster and Easier in Such a Way (it's Better to Protect Hands With the Rubber Gloves).


bbaobinh (author)2016-05-08

Any kind of wire or must be specific one?

Pumuggel (author)2016-05-04

Great idea! And so much simplier than heating the bottle by wire or oil! I definetly have to try this.

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