INDEXER Rotary table DIY gearbox, stepper motor, and PLC controller.


INDEXER Rotary table 
One of difficult things in constructing things is cutting or making circles. Hopefully this will help some of you to invent some new ways of doing things. Adding circles, arcs, or curves to your next project may make it a winner.

This instructable shows you how to make your own indexing table to drill hole patterns, to cut out circles, and to cut many other things related to a circle. It allows you to set the index degrees by setting some push buttons. As an example setting it to four divides the circle in four 90 degree segments. This would allow you to drill a 4 bolt hole pattern or cut an arc 90 degrees in a piece of material.

If I won the Shopbot challenge I would use the machine and software start a small business making signs, templates, furniture, jigs, fixtures, engravings and parts out of wood and plastic. I have put together my own cnc mill drill but feel I need something bigger and more accurate like the shopbot to make it work. The autocad software completes the package for anyone to start a small business. Thank you to Instructables, Shopbot, and Autodesk for a great contest.


Features of index controller  

Adjustable index degrees

Adjustable index speed

Single index by run button

Single index by proximity switch

Continuous run button

Brake output

Time lapse camera output

Index count indicator

Reset index to zero button

Index count increase button

Index count decrease button

Add 10 to index count button

Stop button

Self contained controller

Indexer can be connected to CNC computer control

Some Uses 

Cutting holes

Cutting wheels

Cutting round slots

Cutting arcs

Drilling hole patterns on flat surfaces

Drilling hole patterns on round objects

Cutting slots on round objects

Triming pipe ends

Time lapse photography

Panoramic photography


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notingkool2 years ago
Awesome instructable. I make bicycle parts, and when i make hubs the hardest work is drill the holes for the spokes. And something like this will make my life easier. Even i could make another function for the drill to go down. The only problem is that the indexing head is really expensive in my country.

Genial. Yo hago partes de bicicletas, y cuando fabrico mazas, la parte mas dificil es hacer los agujeros para los rayos. Y algo como esto me haria la vida mas facil. Incluso podria hacer otra funcion para hacer que el husillo baje. El unico problema es que el indexador es muy caro en mi pais.