Introduction: I_NEED_SPOTLIGHT


I 've been totally supersized by the impact of the social media.We know that anyone can post or retweet pink news and some paparazzos like making groundless accusations through the network. Anyhow most of us enjoy the platforms.I wanna make a prototype toy can perform in the way of web celebrity did.

I wanna simulate a stage on which the BIRD will start to perform when the light turns on.

Step 1: Purchase

Step 2: Assamble&Coding


int PLAYPIN = 2;
void setup() { pinMode(PLAYPIN,OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); digitalWrite(PLAYPIN,LOW); }

void loop() { int val; //boolean START = 1; val=analogRead(1); //connect grayscale sensor to Analog 1 Serial.println(val,DEC);//print the value to serial //init(START); //START = 0; if(val >= 1000){ digitalWrite(PLAYPIN,HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(PLAYPIN,LOW); delay(100); } }

void init(boolean startSet){ digitalWrite(PLAYPIN,startSet); delay(1000); }


Step 3: 3D-print

Step 4: Get Ready for the Show



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    3 Discussions

    Can you please put up a video of it performing? Thank you.

    2 replies

    Sorry dude, for some personal reason I will update it on Monday.

    sure~ I'll update this weekend