Introduction: INSANABALL!

Feeling angry and manly? Want to take it out on someone? Sick of games with constant annoying rules? Want to play a game with no limits whatsoever? Play Insanaball!

Step 1: How to Play

get a field, beach, car park, forest, firing range*, living room*,or any environment you would like to wreak havoc in, go down with some friends. A field or the beach are the best options. Have two lines about thirty meters or so from each other (also a ball would help) and prepare for the insane...

Rule 1. Get the ball past the other teams line and touch it down by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
Rule 2. Err... there isn't one.

*perhaps not.



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    Best game ever I like playing this even more than tackle foot ball and soccer!

    how is this survival?

    i like your idea i guess,but perhaps this belongs somewere else on the site.

    Gotta play this in a parking lot full of cars.

    me and my friends ussed to play that in the school yard, but our rules were: 1) get the ball 2) no kicking or punching

    So this is pretty much trashball with an easier goal... (as it might suggest by the name, trashball is the same thing, but with a trashcan for a goal)

    My friends and I played something pretty similar, it stopped because I fly kicked someone and broke his arm in two place, in turn his other team member came down on me with all 18 stone of his girth...

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    yeah it does get pretty rough sometimes we ended up having to limit it with some rules "gasp"

    We tailor them to each player, one friend was given no biting, I was given no flying kicks or roundhouses and the big guy got no jumping on people...

    cool, like soccer, only you can totally kill eachother! i love it!