Introduction: INSANE FIRE STARTER <(2)>

Hello guys,This is another awesome idea to make a fire starter for background or for campaigning.


Materials are available easily in your home.

  • Some tissues papers(1 for 1 fire starter).
  • Nail paint (any color).
  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Cotton.
  • Electrician tape.


Firstly take 1 piece of tissue paper and the nail paint.Using the nail paint brush cover the tissue with it.(Nail paint includes ethyl acetate in it,which is flammable).

NOTE: Don't use excessive amount of nail paint as inhaling ethyl acetate in large amount can be injurious to health.


Take some cotton and put it on the tissue.Using your finger rub the petroleum jelly over the cotton.


Roll it up.Once rolled seal the bottom part with black tape.

Step 5: LIGHT IT UP!

It is pretty easy.Just make 4-5 of them and you can put them in your pocket,backpack.These fire starter have pretty high-flames,but they make not last for a very long time.Mine lasted for 20 minutes.The time and flames may also depend on the amount of ingredients used.

NOTE: please don't use excessive amount of ingredients as the may cause problems if you inhale them.


Lorddrake (author)2016-12-06

While it adds some color and flair to your project, the nail polish painted napkin is totally unnecessary. The petroleum jelly infused cotton is a fantastic firestarter by itself.

When i make mine, I store them in a crimped drinking straw

1) because it makes it easy to keep a bunch of firestarters in my pack and use them as needed

2) to keep them from getting petroleum jelly on anything else in my pack

I like to use the straws from McDonalds because they have a larger diameter than most other straws

cut the straws to the length you want

heat up one end of the straw and crimp it closed with a pair of pliers

cram it full of fire starter

to prevent accidentally igniting your fire starter, hold the other end closed with the pliers while you heat up the straw then quickly crimp that end shut while the straw is still melted

these containers also work great for storing and keeping dry spices and assorted powders you want in your pack

keep up the good work

pawtanwar (author)Lorddrake2016-12-06

Thanks for the advice. :)

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