INSANELY Cool LED Light Under 3$ That Runs for 10hrs


Introduction: INSANELY Cool LED Light Under 3$ That Runs for 10hrs

This is an easy tutorial to build a LED Emergency Light using a 12V LED Lightstrip. This can be used as a night lamp. All the items can be purchased at a local electronic shop. It runs for about 10hrs+.

The total cost of this build comes to about $3



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    What is model of the LED strip.sorry i can't make out from the video.

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    It is a 12V LED lightstrip cool white.

    Very nice video and instructable. The way I you put your battery power together will limit you a little bit though. The AA batteries will drain first and then, although the 9V battery will still have plenty of power, your light won't work anymore. DId you actually test if it ran for 300hrs or did you calculate the time? If so,could you share the calculation?

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    In calulation it comes out for 6-9 hrs. But lastime I made a 6leds series happened to work for 2yrs which used once a week, but it is not as bright as this.

    Hi again. 6 - 9 hours sounds much more realistic. Again, great light, good work. I should make one and add it to my camping gear. Thanks for the instructable.