Introduction: INSTANTLY Save MONEY!!

After listening to my refrigerator CONTINUOUSLY run (yes the coils are clean, AND it is well serviced), I began to think about a way to keep it from RUNNING so much!

I'm a single guy, and I shop for groceries for myself day to day, leaving my refrigerator NEAR EMPTY!

Although I'd LOVE to just unplug it, there are some food items that would be better off NOT MOLDY and HOT!

I came up with this GREAT way to save cash money by simply adding an item, or two to your REFRIGERATOR or FREEZER!

Step 1: EMPTY Space Equals WASTED MONEY!!

The refrigerator COMPRESSOR will operate much more frequently if there are FEWER items within to cool (I'll avoid getting into the SCIENCE of it ALL)

Step 2: A Pillow or Sleeping Bag Or...

Firstly I used a PILLOW, and it worked SO WELL that I thought I'd try my HIGH END, cold weather sleeping bag!

Step 3: PUT IT IN!!

I've found that in the TOP of the refrigerator the LIGHT was blocked by the BAG, in the bottom it's susceptible to drips and things (good sleeping bags come with WATERPROOF OR WATER RESISTANT sacks, and are easily washed clean)!

This is simple, and WORKS! I have reduced my electricity bill by at least $10.00 EVERY MONTH since doing this!





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    i fill my fridge with old milk jugs full of water, when it starts to get empty

    so the more stuff you have in the fridge or freezer, the less it will run? Hmmmm... so you can do this bag trick or cram it full of delicious foods and drinks... I like the Delicious foods and drinks does it matter if the items in the fridge are spread out on different shelves or is it better to cram everything in as close as possible?

    Hey zacker, NO cramming my refrigerator full of food and drink would only mean that I would be storing food for long term purposes, like a squirrel...I'm not a squirrel zacker.

    lol... ok. Yeah, who wants to eat / drink stale, moldy foods and drinks no matter how delicious they may have once been! lol

    Or you could just fill up all the empty space with gallon jugs of water, which once cooled, would help keep the refrigerator at a constant temperature by providing a thermal mass. Thereby making the refrigerator run even less saving you even more money.

    The inside of a refrigerator only needs an open air flow around the walls (about 1 to 2 inches). Anything you can put into the middle of your refrigerator to take up space is going to improve it's performance, as it will limit the amount of air that it has to re-cool everytime you open the door and the cool air rushes out. (Air is also a lousy thermal mass, as it changes temperature too easily).

    Will dig a little bit deeper into the subject, Sir.

    Yes, I always keep some frozen water bottles in the empty spaces in our freezer. Not only helps it run better, but also is great for keeping some of our outdoor animals cool during the hot months.

    And you're set for emergency preparedness, too. :) We keep a big (sealed) jug of water in our fridge because we live in an earthquake zone, and the energy savings were a happily-discovered bonus!