Based in the original work of Rupert Valero.Just want to share how to made your own Instructables Robot with recycled stuff.Does anybody knows if he had a Name::?

Step 1: Stuff & Tools

Step 2: Body.

Some plastic recipients have this shape. This one is from a Ladies beauty cream.

Step 3: Head, Legs and Arms.

A Yelloow cube toy gits exactly with the shape of the head, just draw with sharpie the Face of the robot. arms And legs are from Yellow plastic cap Bottles

Step 4: The Wheels.

A pair of black Bottle Caps are the wheels.
Hope you like it rated and vote.
Muy bueno!
Y lo mejor, no use silicona en el proceso...creo q estoy aprendiendo.
Bien hecho, pequeño saltamontes! :-)
Gracias Sensei !!!
What are the ears made of?
Red office pins, 
Me gusta.

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