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Raspberry Pi Contest 2016

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What solder do you use?

Link to design file for case doesn't work. Can you attach a file, please?

Hi, there are a couple of things I would like to ask.

Could I still buy the design? I see that there is a new version on your website, and I was wondering if there was a different set of instructions for that(i.e. Bluetooth and WIFI integrated in)? The new version has a no need to change the Raspberry Pi anymore, does this mean that the USB that you take off can stay?

Can this be used with the Raspberry Pi 3?

Much sexier than my pi station, and smart use of the ATX RASPI board, wish I had thought of that when I built mine!

Very nice project, congratulations. Do you know a cheaper way to safely turn off the pi? The ATXRaspi is a good solution but a little bit pricy!

Try a pine 64 board they are 15 dollars if you want to make a playstation or playstation 2 rig maybe.

how does this do with Play station 1 games i see the version on your website is now sporting the Ras 3 any major improvements in games it couldnt run before?

Great tutorial, thanks for sahring this!

That the average budget you had for whole the set up?