I'll give you the instructions to build a Invoicing and billing system for your business using MS Access .

You need need to create few data tables first as following details. open the Ms access program and create tables as below.

1) Main Invoice data table .. create field name and data type as photo.

2 Second Invoice item data table .. create as photo

Step 1: Create Main Form for Invoice

Create main invoice form using data tables.

1. create sub form with second table date. open new form with main mane under create tab.

and drag and drop the needed field form data table.. it is under design tab > add existing field.

after you create the both form it will appear like this.. ready enter invoice.

Step 2: Print Invoice

To print the invoice need to create two report according to the photo

first create the sub report for invoice data drag form invoice table ...

2nd final invoice..

After create both forms invoice will appear like this...

Step 3: Final Invoice

according to this way you can add some table to get the stock details and purchases also.

I have already created a full Invoice and inventory control system to give to world free.....

anybody can download and use it downloading my site 100% free...................



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