Step 5: Thats all Folks!!

Picture of Thats all Folks!!
Lets dress her back up again

You could go ahead and leave the project the way it is right now and it should work just fine but lets be honest its not the best looking thing to be stuck out of your computer. So we will put it all back together.

We need to modify the plastic shell so that the pigtail can hangout and still allow the shell to close, again the good old X-Acto knife steps in and saves the day, just pick a good spot you want it to hang from and little by little whittle a small groove just big enough for the cable to sit in.

As a side note when I dismantled the gizmo I noticed there was a cool SMT blue LED on the board that lights up real pretty when the device is in use. You cant see this when the case is on so I also drilled a hole in the case to let the mystical blue light out.

Once you have a nice groove for the pigtail you are done, snap the plastic shell back together and enjoy true Bluetooth freedom.

Well almost, I am using a 6dBI directional antenna and it works well, before the mod I could walk about 5 feet from my computer before I started to get static, now I get a good 20 to 30 feet.

Good luck and happy modding