Introduction: IOT Based Water Managment. Smart Switch and Flownomo

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This smart board lets you power your devices from anywhere with a phone. The FloNoMo device solves the problem of overflowing tanks by switching off the motor when the tank starts overflowing and also can function on a scheduled basiswhere you dont have to worry about switching the motor on and off everyday.This is our attempt at solving a generic problem of water wasteage and coming up with an automated system to function tasks at scheduled timings.

Step 1: Components

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Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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Step 3: Cayenne

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Upload the code in both wemos and add them to the cayenne dashboard.

Add two digital actuator on the receiver wemos and connect two relays to the two digital output pins.

Connect water sensor to the A0 pin of wemos and add analog sensor to the dashboard with virtual pin 1.

add a trigger so that when the water comes in connect with the water sensor the relay on receiver wemos switches off.

scheduling feature on cayenne allows you to switch on motor at particular time for entire month.

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