Introduction: IOT Switch to Control Any Appliance Over WiFi

Picture of IOT Switch to Control Any Appliance Over WiFi

Implementation of power socket controlled over Wifi. Switch can be controlled either from a webpage or using Blynk App.

Step 1: Materials Required

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1. Power socket.

2. Wemos D1 Mini with Relay Shield.

3. Hard board box.

4. 3 Pin Plug.

5. Electrical wires.

Step 2: Wiring

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Connect one end of the electrical wires to the 3 pin plug and other end to the socket. Terminate the live wire from Mains on the center terminal of relay and connect a wire from NO terminal of relay to the socket.

Step 3: Program the Wemos D1 Mini

Click here for the program to control the socket from a web page. Alternatively, you can control the socket through the Blynk App as shown


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