I built my first heavy crossbow when I was about 13 years old. It was a quite powerful device, powered by a rubber sling - a 10mm O-ring I just 'found' on a public worksite - and armed with custom wooden darts. Steel heads, explosive heads, too dangerous heads - in the hands of a small me. I'm sure the holes are still in the steel garage door of my parents.
No wonder that one of the first skills I learned was changing glass windows. Rapidly. Invisible. I became a pro.

My crossbows were a great source of pleasure in my youth.
And of cave arrest, also. Too bad - for my parents - there was a lot of beer stored in that cave, also.
That's how, for the first time, I got insanely drunk.
Resulting in more cave arrest, my hands powertaped. And the company of the neighbours dog to keep an eye on me.
Sweet youth souvenirs...

Resuming: in my youth I learned to love crossbows, I learned to love beer, I discovered the resistance of duct tape and I started to hate dogs. JUST KIDDING!!!
More than 20 years later I'm still on bows, crossbows & slingshot stuff. Target shooting. Long range. 'Run, doggy, run!'.
Since the 80's I've built six arrow-shooting devices. This is number 7, I guess.

But today I see things a lot bigger. Crossbow's Revenge.

This project is about building a real heavy powerful 'badass' scorpio-style arrow shooter. It's not a crossbow, not a speargun, not a scorpio and it's definitely not a slingshot. It's a prototype.
My wife calls it 'That Heavy Thing That Keeps On Hanging Around In The House'.

I built it gradually. 'Sometimes it's good to look at your work' a member said once. That's also what I told my wife because that's exactly how I build this weapon. It all started with a piece of wood and some scrap metal I had to integrate in the project.
In other words: I got the ingedrients, but no idea of the meal I was going to prepare.
Experimental building.

This instructable isn't about howto, it's about custom made hardware. I'm not going to explain how to work wood & metal.
I'm giving you the plans of each device. Your job to make it. Or to improve it. Open source.
Download the plans (click on the pictures & get access to the original files). No CAD-stuff - I'm an old school guy...

Total length (winch included): 128 cm (4 feet) - look at those kitties to compare!
Max. widht: 21 cm (2/3 foot)
Total weight: too much

This IPAD is made of  12 components:
- stock
- drum
- trigger
- trigger rod
- trigger protection
- 'double decker' aka roller device
- stirrup
- lock
- winch
- driver
- sling
- sight

One step, one component. Let's have a look at all those pieces!

Step 1: Startup

This is the challenge I set to myself:

Build a rubber band powered device using rollerblade wheels and a reclaimed drum from a plane, capable to shoot regular carbon arrows at least as powerful as a 50-pound compound bow.


Use as much as wood & metal you can.

Why rubber bands? Because they are compact & powerful.
Why rollerblade wheels? Because they are ball bearinged. And cool.
Why that drum from a woodworking plane? Because it's a cool device, also, that's been waiting for years in my workshop to be used.
Why wood & metal? Because I don't like the actual abondant use and mis-use of composite materials. Back to good old basics.

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