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 It just  has a speaker and a usb  to it so i can pug it in the computer if you like this

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gunman15 (author)2011-04-07

hey tsc gunman here i just found my nano can u give detailed instructions to building the dock. k? please.

TSC (author)gunman152011-04-12

Hey I'm going to make instructable on it insted ok? Cause I'm rebuild it! So I will not be sending you a pm!

gunman15 (author)TSC2011-04-12


TSC (author)gunman152011-05-05

Hang in their I have been working on a biger project!

TSC (author)gunman152011-04-13

I'm not sure when I will be able to publish it cause I'm have trouble with speakers I keep get the ones that are good size but then thier broken!

gunman15 (author)TSC2011-04-13

thats ok. but do u need a speaker?

TSC (author)gunman152011-04-14

Not really!

TSC (author)gunman152011-04-08

Sure some time this week I will have to pm you info on it!

gunman15 (author)TSC2011-04-09


TSC (author)gunman152011-04-08

First just to ask do you have a container or something for a dock? Aslo what gen is your Ipod?

gunman15 (author)TSC2011-04-08

its a 3rd generation

TSC (author)gunman152011-04-08

Ok! Same as my!

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