Ipod Touch Tips!





Introduction: Ipod Touch Tips!

This solves about 3 ipod need to knows that you need to know!

ONE: if you were to double click the home button, you bring up a window with the play/pause, skip or backup song choices

TWO:if you are writing anywhere within the ipod, at the end of a sentence you can space 2 times and it leaves a period and a space. '

THREE: if you press and hold the top power button and the home button you take an automatic screenshot even when you are playing apps.

Thanks for reading my top 3 NEED TO KNOWS about the ipod touch.



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    This works on the iPhone too!

    Sistemas, go to settings and go to general and then accessibility, then turn on the assistive touch control

    Hi, can anybody tell me where can i find the on-screen home button for an ipod touch 2G running ios 4.2.1?

    With the new software update (3.1), you can configure #1 to go home, ipod controls, or search.  It's under the General option in settings.

    Regarding #3, how do you access said screenshot?

    the new software is 4.1.It keeps on changing every month(possibly!).It has multitasking!!Try it out.:)

    just click the top power button and hold button at the same time. go to your pictures and view your screen shot

    HEY!!! You know what I found out? If you actually read the directions, and then follow said directions. . . it works. . .


    Apparently I read right past the 2-button combo.  THANKS.

    haha, happeneds to me all the time!

    If you click the home button and the hold button together(1 second),the ipod takes a photo of the screen!! Try it out!!!!!!!

    if you hold the power button and home button too long your ipod will reboot.