An ipod touch charger dock and sound station.

Step 1: The basics

Picture of The basics
I took materials from around my house to make this project.

I took the idea from another instructable in here, but i modified it to fit my needs.

I used a car amplifier, a computer atx power supply, an ipod base, an ipod usb cable, various pieces of wood to make the housing, fabrics, 2 150k resistir, cable, 6 speakers, soldering kit, hot glue and black paint.
pchalita (author) 5 years ago
I believe that if the usb cord is replaced by an charging A/V out cable (found generic ones everywhere) the jack plug can be avoided making it available for all ipods. It is just matter of trying it.
Artekus6 years ago
This is really cool! What did you use for the iPod base?
pchalita (author)  Artekus6 years ago
sorry for the late answer. just a regular ipod base (the one that comes with the ipod)
iamtoats6 years ago
I don't think holding the speakers in with zip ties is very sufficient... The speakers will definitely rattle, and make all sorts of noise. (I have a pair of old Bose speakers, I can tell whenever the screws start to loosen up) Its better to make proper holes in the front, screw in the speakers, and get a better sound.
pchalita (author)  iamtoats6 years ago
i had the same problem in the past with loosen screws... thats why i started tie them with zip, and until now i haven heard those little anoying noises the speakers make when set unproperly. That its just my opinion. You can try it and make your own. Grats Mate
How does it sound?
pchalita (author)  spacepirate046 years ago
the sound its very good, maybe an inclusion of a equalizer would make it excellent but still the sound it very good.