Picture of IPad Etch-A-Sketch Dials

Bring back the good old days with a DIY Etch-A-Sketch dial that works on any tablet or smart phone! This instructable will teach you how to make a physical dial for your device. It is specifically designed to look and act like an Etch-A-Sketch dial but works with any app that uses dial controls. It is really easy, cheap, and most of the materials are household items you can recycle into this project.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

You will need the following to make your Etch-A-Sketh dial:

1. Tin Foil

2. Scotch Brite non-scratch cleaning sponge (most any scratch resistant sponge should work)

3. A Nerf dart (with a suction cup end)

4. A thick and sturdy straw (mine is about 1mm thick with a 6mm hole, and came with a reusable water botttle)

5. A cap from a bottle (I used one from a milk carton)

Tools Needed:

1. Scissors

2. A hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut the Straw

Picture of Cut the Straw

Use the scissors to cut the straw. Make two pieces that are each slightly shorter than the height of your bottle cap. Smooth out the edges so they stand up straight.

Step 3: Glue in the Straw

Picture of Glue in the Straw

Using your hot glue gun attach the straw to the inside of the bottle cap. Try to line it up in the center.

Step 4: Add Tin Foil

Picture of Add Tin Foil

Take a small strip of tin foil and fold it to be a couple layers thick. After folding, mine was about 1/4'' wide, and 3/4'' long. Hot glue it into place as shown in the pictures above. Make sure it goes onto the outside of the cap. You can use a tooth pick to push the tin foil into the hot glue so you do not burn your finger.

Step 5: More Tin Foil!

Picture of More Tin Foil!

Take another strip of tin foil and once again fold it to be a couple of layers thick. Make sure it can wrap around the whole cap. Overlap is fine. Use hot glue to secure it into place. It is important that this tin foil has direct contact with the tin foil from the last step, so do not put the hot glue right on top of it.

I love how simple this is....