Step by step instructional video, showing you how to replace

the screen/digitizer, and how to put it all back together again.

The iPhone 5s screen is a complete screen assembly which means that you cannot replace just the LCD or the digitizer. The screen and digitizer are fused together at the factory and cannot be separated. Don't buy of ebay sellers who claim otherwise.

<p>good video, very helpful!</p>
<p>Just got an <a href="http://www.hcqs.com.cn/products/Meilleur-cran-LCD-avec-num-riseur-pour-iphone-5S.html" rel="nofollow">iPhone 5s screen replacement</a> and replaced it by myself. Now my phone works fine.</p>
<p>Good job on the video. I find that there is no need to remove the copper tape on the shield when I do my repairs. It follows the LCD shield protecting cover when it is transferred over to the new display(that way it will not disturb the original factory orientation).</p>
<p>Toss that garbage out. You don't need it.</p>

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