IPhone Power Cord Protection With Shrink Tubing





Introduction: IPhone Power Cord Protection With Shrink Tubing

This simple Instructable describes protecting the iPhone power cord with shrink tubing.

Step 1: What You Are Trying to Prevent

The iPhone is a significant investment but the power cord is surprisingly vulnerable to kinks and tears. To protect against this I applied a two inch length of shrink tubing. This serves to reinforce the collar.

Step 2: Slip on the Tubing and Apply Heat to Shrink It

I use a heat gun but you can use a soldering iron or even just use a lighter to shrink the tubing. The tubing shrinks into place and holds fast.

Step 3: The Finished Project

You can see the finished product here again. I've found this much more durable.

The other advantage is that my cords are color coded so I can quickly find the right cord for each device.



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    The end product looks very nice, but the intractable is not usable without the diameter and shrink ratio of the shrink tubing.

    What is this tubes?
    Where can I find it ?

    You may make it bulkier :) with some hot melt glue under the shinking tube.



    I always add a spring from a ballpoint pen to stabilize the cable end. Makes it sturdy and stable. (even against cat bites ;) )

    what gauge tubing are you using? My yellow from a color coded multi-pak is no where near the correct size.

    Hyperlinks1. I don't think so. The duration of heat seems way too short.

    This seems like a much better solution than my 3d printed one! I would love to try this, but do I have to worry about the heat gun damaging the charger?