Picture of IPhone Scanner
I take lots of notes and I had the need to scan them quickly so you can consult online. Any scanner was too slow to digitize many hundreds of pages of my moleskine. Taking a good photo was a good solution. I thought I'd use my iPhone for this purpose. They needed a support that does not give problems of shadows and it was simple and stable.
This is the final result.

To create this scanner for iPhone I used:

1 sheet of 10mm FOREX feather or similar material on the size 60x40cm
1 cutter
1 iPhone cover
hot glue

Step 1: Bridge

Picture of Bridge
13 20:34.jpg
13 20:34.jpg
The FOREX feather is a light material consists of a sandwich of PVC with polyurethane inside.

I cut the pieces as the attached pdf.

Dashed lines were cut with angles from 45 ° so as to leave a layer of PVC does not cut that will support the next bend.
wikd4 days ago


Cool idea. I use TinyScan to shoot PDF's of things I want to refer back to, but I'm always holding the phone in my hand. I need to build a stand like this! And, if anyone that reads this ends up dropping their phone in water, check out my blog on water damage solutions at www.riceisfordinner.com (named after the silly practice of putting wet electronics in dry rice)

gxwarr8 months ago

I can figure it out myself but it would be alot more convenient if there were measurements. strawberry66 above referenced 60x60 and 60x40 but where did those measurements even come from?

branchors1 year ago
You know there is a note book called the leuchtturm1917 whitelines link. It has paper designed to interact with an iphone/android app which can basically scan your page really quickly and then save it as a PDF. See this link http://www.thepaperie.co.uk/brands/leuchtturm1917/whitelines-link

I think you have made a mistake on the raw sheet size?

Is it 60x60 not 60x40

I bought 60x40 and cannot see how to get the peices on it?



k_bhavik2 years ago
there is no pdf attached here.. plz upload it..
Light_Lab2 years ago
Been designing one of these myself, yours is simpler and better looking, good job.
As an alternative to FOREX there is another sign board that has corrugated PVC in the middle layer that would work with this design too.
Two of my favorite aps "Genius Scan" and "Image to Text" would work well with this. I guess that "Camera+" would be handy too because it has a timer function => no camera movement from touching the camera while taking the shot.
Just wondering how big the field of view is at the height you have the iPhone?
there is a program for the android its called "camscanner". i use it on my phone works great. you can convert pics to pdf.
profpat2 years ago
very nice instructables!
ireiss2 years ago
You do realize that this can be used for other smart phones such as the Galaxy note 1 which I have and created something almost exactly like what you did.
*e-high five* I made one for my galaxy note too!!
Mike Benton2 years ago
I second 'dobbler's suggestion of camscanner. I have the pro version and it can take multiple shots in a row, and convert to pdf nicely. I then share to Evernote which OCRs the text making it searchable. I love the simplicity of your stand, also that it packs flat. Good for travel and storage as needed
mo832 years ago
Tiny scan app too
p01ss0n2 years ago
This is very nice contraption, but I`m just bit worried that without hight adjustment for phone it will be calibrated only for one size of documents or (if you use zoom) it will lack on quality.
strooom2 years ago
Great idea! Now take it a step further by inventing a folding version which can be easily transported or stored in a bookshelf.
darrennie2 years ago
Nicely done, thanks for sharing.
amaituino2 years ago
simple yet creative, well done !
foobear2 years ago
Such a clean design. Very Apple
XOIIO foobear2 years ago
It will be when he charges $80 for it.

... and when it starts blocking the cell phone's antena.
Nicely done. Very simple and straight forward!
valveman2 years ago
Hey what a great idea. I built a microscope adapter for use with my Iphone and works great so I know this also must give you nice shots.
dobbler2 years ago
Nice job! I made one out of cardboard from this: http://www.ponoko.com/design-your-own/products/iphone-document-scanner-eps-file-1835

Have you tried CamScanner?- Probably the best app for scanning & managing docs.. There's also a free version
giovannire (author)  dobbler2 years ago
Tank dobbler, i use Evernote with the function adjust the border of the page
inkfzz2 years ago
if you want to take the drag out of clicking, get the imotion HD app. it does timelapse with intervals anywhere between 0.5 seconds and 1 day. that way you only have to flip the pages and not press the photo button.

good idea by the way. i take a lot of pics this way too from my sketchbook. hadnt really thought of this!
Kdemon2 years ago
I like it... but I need to rethink it for portability... taking it to the library or class!
drmomentum2 years ago
If you need to hold the book flat for the picture, a small but heavy sheet of glass can help. But then you have to be careful about how it is lit because of glare.
giovannire (author) 2 years ago
THANK EVERYONE! I send soon the PDF with the meausure. . 28x7 + 4x7 + 28x7 slant 5 cm.
bschratz2 years ago
Neat idea! Would be nicer to have had the measurements (even in cm's) of the base and the stand, or is that included in the "paid-for" version??
ToolHoard2 years ago
Very clean, indeed. Great work!
And hooray for the Maker Notebook =D
tumidaj2 years ago
Yes, this is good idea, and I must try it.
Great idea and well done!
lackley682 years ago
This may be a good solution for my art classroom. I am implementing online portfolios and will be scanning lots of artwork.