OK guys and girls, have problem with your iPhone? A locked one? An unlocked one gets locked again? No service? "No SIM Card Installed" message although you did put it?  Can't try on the dumb no good dirty rotten instructions?Here, an easy one. THIS WILL BE HELPFUL FOR THE ONES WHO OWN THAT GEVEY CARD BEFORE, AND NEED RE-UNLOCKING THE LOCKED ONE. YOU MIGHT POWER OFF BY ACCIDENT, BATTERY IS GONE OR WHATEVER YO DID, THIS WILL BE HELPFUL ANYWAY. Here we go...........

You Might(Must) Need........

1. Gevey SIM adapter, get at www.gevey.com , or get from a store and buy it, don't waste money by letting them do it. If you already have that one, go on guys and girls, speed up!

2. Apple Ballpoint Pen (that doesn't meant that from Apple California, but it is a pen from China with the same name). This is optional, but you can use other.

3. Pliers and a sharp knife.

4. Patient Mind, reading all my instructions CAREFULLY BEFORE DOING IT.

5. And the last, but not the least, quick hands!

Step 1: Let's Get Prepaired....

OK, take out that SIM in you phone.....
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Working guys? Is that OK? Problems? Send me questions here. <br>

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