This Instructable will show you how to make two cool  designs, from initial sketch to 3D prototype:
your own  IPhone dockstation  and your necklace charm
The design and  3D print was made by Sarkies Galstjan and Jasmine Mejia at Fablab010 in Rotterdam, during only a few hours.

Enjoy and try it out!

Step 1: Design Your Idea - Give It a FUNCTION


The first thing you need to do is to make a sketch of your idea on paper.
Think about the shape according to the function you want it to have.

The initial idea was to create a support to keep the IPhone stable on a surface, like a table, desk or bedside table.
I started from the beginning thinking about a 3D object, so I made the initial shapes very basic and simple. I started checking the measurements by taking my IPhone as an example.

My idea was to make a necklace charm with my name and a jasmine flower, which represents my name.
I made an artistic handwritten logo as my initial idea: the challenge was to modify the 2D concept of my calligraphy into an object that could become 3D, so I had to tweek my design until it became practical.

Great project man! <br>Congratulations!

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