Step 3: Drill a Hole

drill a hole in the bottom of the case and insert the usb cord through it
 Great job, there is a few tweeks you should do (i did)    you should wire it all back to the end that the ipod goes into and tape that so it can still charge.
Hi sorry was thinking of doing this how would i make it so I could make it light up and charge?
thanks for the input!<br />
&nbsp;No problem
&nbsp;I would have made it so that the iPod charges and syncs while in the case and possibly made it so that when the iPod is plugged in it lights up. Good 'ible :D
thank you, you could always drill a hole through the bottom and but a connector cord through it so it would charge also but that would require 2 usb ports being used<br />
&nbsp;maybe, but if you had a low enough amper LED then you could just solder it to the same USB cable that the iPod is plugged into
&nbsp;And this is dead...how?
you can use a broken usb cord and you can get the lights from broken electronics too<br />
&nbsp;Yeah, but...<br /> <br /> Forget it, it's not worth arguing over semantics.
nice ipod good job on the instructable<br />
thank you... your subscription means a lot to me<br />
&nbsp;I would have&nbsp;connected&nbsp;the the light to some&nbsp;fiber-optic&nbsp;cables and ran them around inside...&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I don't know too much about light transfer, but I think the light just reflects off the case mostly and hits the cotton balls. This would explain the very low amount coming from the bottom.<br />
well its really up to you, this is just the main idea it has a lot of room for your own creativity but thank you for your input<br />

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