Okay, I have been dying for a stylus of some sort, but I can't buy one and apparently all the really good homemade ones need conductive foam, which I don't have, and can't buy. So I looked on the Internet to see how to make one, and they're pretty simple-with one problem. They don't seem to work, at least not on my IPod touch, so I decided to improvise and try some stuff out. I remembered my friend saying that the reason why the IPod/IPad styluses work was because they needed to be a bit soft, like our skin, while online sources explain the electron stuff. So, for an even better outcome, commen sense told me to combine the two elements together.

Step 1: The Materials

You need: •Aluminum Foil/Tinfoil (whichever people call it) •cloth* •thread** •scissors •a pen*** •tape *For the cloth, it needs to be thin. I used the inside of a recently washed old swimsuit, as swimsuits have a soft thin inside cloth layer which has enough strength to stay together. **It must be thread, yarn is way to thick ***This stylus is rather reserved for which pen to use. It must unscrew only the tip of the pen, there must be a spring, and the ink barrel must fit through the hole in the tip of the pen but does not fall out of the pen due to the design. The barrel widening or 2 little nubs of plastic sticking out are some things that keep the ink barrel from falling out.
It does not work

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